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In our lives we all face some combination of financial issues, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, disappointment, grief, fear of the future, frustration with the past, lack of energy or motivation, and so many other ailments.


We are typically not well equipped by what we learned in school, from our family, and from our peers to function well in life.


In fact, we most often find ourselves in adulthood with harmful habits that we did not intentionally choose to be ruled by.


We know these things are not good for us, and we wonder what we might be capable of if they weren't a distraction.


Yet, we struggle to break out of the cage these habits keep us in.


This is because of our societal programming and conditioning, unresolved traumas, and ingrained habits that get in the way of our conscious desires and intentions.


We must dive into the unconscious to explore our limiting beliefs and programming, and we call this shadow work, and we can do it through the multifaceted practice of yoga


Through the practice of yoga, we re-friend the body, connect our body and mind, discover our deeply held limiting beliefs that hold us back, reprogram our habits, find alignment in our lives, and learn how to optimize our energy for greater ease, flow, joy, and peace

We start with the body so that it can better support our other efforts and life endeavors. From there, we can address other elements that relate to wellness, such as our relationship to money and our financial security.


The ultimate is goal is to be in the flow of wellbeing, which means we:

  • have more energy and feel better in our body

  • regain control over our thoughts and emotions

  • understand ourselves better, find greater alignment, and optimize our energy

  • build a strong and grounded foundation for our lives

  • communicate and connect with others for deeper relationships

  • experience more satisfying and supportive conflict resolution with others

  • each our own true potential, finding and living our Dharma


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