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The Big Picture

Society likes to offer us expensive & ineffective solutions for our struggles, while at the same time feeding us the very things that create the struggles and creating or compounding the traumas.


Healing and growth are achieved through mindfulnes, bravery, strategy, and with patience.


We must understand how to create the conditions that allow our body's natural healing abilities to go to work. We can look at our wellness from 5 different angles: physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness, and financial wellness. Only when we are taking steady, sustainable steps in all 5 areas, can we make real progress in our healing.


By healing our traumas and bringing more functionality to our bodies, minds, and hearts, we can build fuller, more abundant and satisfying lives. 

Learn more about trauma-informed coaching, somatic practices, and the yoga philosophy and practices that create the backbone of Sparked Wellness Coaching's various offerings HERE.

We've been conditioned to look for quick-fixes to problems that have been a long time in the making. Healing is a gradual & multi-faceted process.

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